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Searching for Pug dog names? Here you will locate the ideal name for your pet, examine the most recent patterns and unique canine’s name. But first…get to know better your dog!  Check this info about your breed! 

These furry friends characterize because they have wrinkly physical features. As many dog breeds, they won popularity because of their royalty background including Queen Victoria’s seal of approval. They are very popular in Western Europe by the House of Orange of the Netherlands. Indeed, according to the popular website dogtime.com “ Originally bred to be a lap dog, the Pug thrives on human companionship”. 

Additionally, the breed is frequently portrayed by a Latin expression multum in parvo that refers to Pug’s amazing and beguiling identity. In the past, Pugs used to be mates for decision families in China. Did you also know that by Chinese Emperors loved them? The regal canines were in extravagance and protected by fighters. 

They were popular on Asia and, Pugs later spread to different places of the continent. In Tibet, Buddhist priests kept Pugs as pets in their cloisters. The breed has held its loving commitment to its proprietors.


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Did you know...?

Do you already have an idea about Pug dog names you liked? Great! Discover also some interesting facts you should know about Pugs.

Another key point is that Pugs are solid willed yet once in a while forceful and are appropriate for families with youngsters. 

Most of the breed is partial to youngsters and sufficiently strong to legitimately play with them. Specifically, contingent upon their proprietor’s state of mind, they can be calm and meek yet in addition vivacious and prodding. 

On the positive side, they are instinctive and touchy to the temperaments of their proprietors and anxious to satisfy them. As well as, Pugs are lively and flourish with human companionship. They likewise will, in general, have a snoozy nature and invest a ton of energy resting. Frequently, people name them “shadows” since they chase after their proprietors and like to remain nearby to the action, craving consideration, and warmth from their owners.


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