Shiba Inu  Breed Information

Hold on to be intrduces to the most updated Shiba Inu names. These dogs are known for their spirited personality, they have particular small upright ears, and fox-ish agility.  

Shiba’s are one of the most known Japanese dog breeds worldwide, they were originally bred for hunting and due to their size makes them very agile dogs (you can also deduce some things about their temperament because of their size if you think of chihuahuas as well for example 😂).


Actually, the word Inu means dog in Japanese, but the meaning of Shiba for this breed is a bit less clear. Technically the word Shiba means Brushwood, and it alludes to a species of tree or bush that during fall the leaves turn red. Quite a romantic air to this dog breed. Others address to an old dialect where the meaning of Shiba addresses to the word “small” and this could be quite an adjective tot his autochthonous Japanese breed. Therefore, the Shiba Inu is here and there deciphered as “Small Brushwood Dog”.


This breed is quite attractive to a lot of people because they are not noisy dogs, they don’t drool, their hair is short and doesn’t require high maintenance and also they are smart agile dogs, making it a very attractive breed to ask for really high prices.

Some Shiba Inu's dog name Inspiration







Queen of Shiba






Maruko Ikuko






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Did you know...?

These puppies are spotless, and the requirements for grooming are quite minimal. They have a coarse coat and their hair is short to medium length usually, it is waterproof and there is not necessary to constantly wash them.

Coming from Japan they have to adapt to different temperatures so they have a thick undercoat that protects them. It is recommended to Shiba Inu’s owners shouldn’t shave or cut their coat as they need it for both cold and hot weather.

Due to their coats, they change hair frequently (we know this is not the technical expression but we’d like to make easy to understand the characteristics of the Shiba’s), the “shedding” can become annoying so the best way to take care of Shiba Inys dog coat is to frequently brush them.

Of course most of the Shiba Inu names no matter where they live tend to be quite Japanese indeed. 

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